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Chesapeake Ant Extermination

Eliminating Any Ant Infestation

Ant infestations are among the most common pest problems in our area. In order to resolve an ant problem, it is necessary to completely eliminate the colony. Hawk Mosquito & Pest, LLC provides effective pest control for ants in Chesapeake, VA and surrounding areas. We use quality pest control products and proven methods to identify and eliminate ants.

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Ant Control for All Species

There are several ant species that are commonly found in Virginia. Some, such as carpenter ants and odorous house ants, can cause structural damage to your home. Others, such as fire ants, have venom that can cause painful bites, swelling, and allergic reactions in susceptible people. Our local pest control company provides efficient pest control for any species of ants in Chesapeake, VA that have invaded your home.

Common pests found in our area include:

  • Little black ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants

Killing the ants you can see won’t be enough to get rid of your ant problem if you don’t get the colony. Ant colonies are extremely difficult to eradicate without a trained pest control professional, and there may be more than one colony. Our experienced team of pest control professionals know how to track down the colony to treat the problem at its source and stop the ants from coming back.

Environmentally Friendly Ant Control

A growing number of homeowners and business owners prefer green pest control to keep pests away without causing harm to the environment or your loved ones—including pets. At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, LLC, we partner with Nature-Cide to provide all-natural products that are both effective for eliminating ants in Chesapeake, VA and environmentally friendly.

There is more than a decade of research and development behind Nature-Cide products. This line has been proven effective by third party testing and licensed pest management professionals, using the products in the field. Our pest control professionals will use the most effective products for the ants and other pests that have invaded your home.

Preventing New Infestations

The most effective way to keep ants out of your home permanently is taking preventative measures to avoid another infestation. This can be done by taking steps to stop ants from finding what they are looking for: food, water, and shelter.

You can help reduce the risk of future ant problems by:

  • Sealing cracks that allow ants to enter
  • Finding and repairing any plumbing leaks and moisture problems
  • Storing food in containers with tight lids
  • Keeping lids on garbage cans
  • Checking around the outside of the home for signs of ants

We offer monthly pest control programs to help exterminate ants in Chesapeake, VA and other pests. Our services can be personalized to your needs and there are financial options and programs available to solve all types of pest problems. Free quotes are offered for our pest control services and a 10% discount for military and first responders.

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